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FAQs on Brazilian Body Wave Hair Bundles with Closure

Q:how long does the hair last?
A:enerally speaking, the life span of hair depends on how you take care of it. Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it for it to more than 6-18 months. We suggest you should try the conditioner with high quality, use less heat and please always let the hair air dry naturally.

Q:About how many time can you reinstall the hair?
A:dear, it depend on how you take care it, if you take good care it, it can last long time. i suggest you make a wig with the body wave bundles with closure.

Q:does this hair hold heat and is it worth it?
A:Flady hair is 100% human hair, can be curled, straightened as you want. but even human hair can be burned if the temperature is too high without proper time contral. We will suggest let the wand/curl sits on the hair around 3-5 seconds with 150-180 celsius degree. If you are not professional, please use one bundle to try, if you need, we have professional after sale service, we can give you more suggestion.

Q:Do you have to wash the hair before installing ?
A:dear, you can wash the body wave hair bundles with closure
When You Wash it Make it to Use Your Hands up and down to Squeeze out the Water to Make it Dry insteading of Pulling Down Water , So it Could Protect the Original Wavy Pattern,
dear, this is my suggestion to take care the hair
1: When you open the weft, Please note, Don’t open it Bobrutally, the hair easy get tangle when you try to open the weft, So we suggest you that comb the hair gently to detangle the Hair while you open the weft
2: You may cut hair weft into pieces to meet your head well before Installation, the edges you cut must be looser than before, Please seal the edges of the weft again or FOLD METHOD TO SEW IN
3: Wash and condition you hair once a week, Let your hair get enough nutrition to keep your hair soft healthy and bouncy
4: Let the hair air dry and Please Do Not expose in the sun, Don’t sleep with wet Hair
5: Avoid using hot curlers and Flat-irons, Which will shorten the Using-time of hair than it should be

100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Curly Hair Extensions

I am pleasently surprised and happy with my new summer hair! I did bleach and color this hair to match my hair color. I suggest after bleaching and coloring process, do use a conditioner to help keep the hair soft, as you would for natural hair. Also I only use curl enhancing products on the hair and a denhim brush to define curls when wet. I did a twist out and loved how it blended with my hair! The hair will be used again washed and stored properly, once I decide to take it out.

So far I love this hair! blends perfect with my 4c hair people think its mine…it has just the right amount of kinky texture…the curls are tight at first but once you brush through it loosen up a bit which I’ve had in it a little over a week now and it still doing great…minimum shedding I installed all three 22 inches didn’t have to cut any hair which was perfect…